Beleaf would not exist without the generosity of our partners and friends. Beleaf is entirely voluntary based, meaning that we are putting all our time, energy and money into the project.

Since we started the project, we noticed that we had to create a source of income for the Early Childhood Development Centre in Belhar. However, this income must be sustainable, meaning that its source should be continuous. We therefore beleaf that the Aquaponics Project is the bright future for the Childhood Centre.

As you can read on our blog, all the funds are used to expand the Aquaponics System. Any profit the system generates will go to the expansion of the system and, most importantly, to the welfare of the Belhar Children. With this profit, the Centre is able to:
– buy any materials for the children (books, writing material, etc.)
– expand, taking care of more children from Belhar
– transporting the children through unsafe areas from and back to their houses
– give the children something extra (nice meal, school trip, etc.)
– pay the teachers and staff well

If you want to learn more about the Aquaponics system or our desired outcome, click here.

You can help us because we beleaf that every small donation helps. Donating is completely safe: clicking this link will send you to the paypal website. 
Whatever you decide to do, we appreciate you visiting the website and sharing our story. Thank you!

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