The Expansion part 2: Installing new grow beds

As you might have read in one of our previous posts, the Belhar Early Childhood Development Centre is using the first funding to install new grow beds. This expansion is the first step in making the Aquaponic System profitable, creating a sustainable source of income to provide a better environment for the children of the Centre.

The new installation uses a slightly different method to set-up the grow beds. By cutting a 1000L water tank into three “layers”, the grow bed consists out of three separate square meters of growing area (see the upper images). The benefit of this method is that there is a larger growing area for the plants, and the system is more remote as the grow beds are smaller. This makes the system easier to manage, which is essential for the continuation of the project.

Currently, the last steps of the installation are taking place: controlling the water flow throughout the system, making sure the fish and plants are in a controlled and “relaxed” environment. The next step would be the adding of the clay and stones and buying new seedlings (baby vegetables) so that the Belhar Centre can do their first harvest with the new set-up!

As usual, any progress will be posted on this website 🙂
Happy holidays on behalf of Beleaf and the Belhar Centre!

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