15.000 Rand Fund from The Kingdom of the Netherlands

Yesterday, we were so happy to give a cheque of 15.000 Rand (about 950 euro) to the Belhar Early Childhood Development Centre. The check was sponsored by The Kingdom of the Netherlands. We would like to thank Nichola Walker-Woodard from the Dutch Consulate in Cape Town in particular, as she played an such an important role in advising and connecting us. 

The money is a very welcome next step for the Belhar Centre, as it will be spent on the expansion of the Aquaponics Project. This meant that we could already start buying new grow beds (see previous blog) and this made the head of the Belhar Centre, Mr. Hartzenberg, extremely happy. Besides the growth of the project, he is able to pay the teachers with money that was previously all spent on the Aquaponics Project. 
This shows how much faith Mr. Hartzenberg has in the project, and how much energy goes towards the Aquaponics.

Our efforts were encouraged by this succes, and we will continue searching for new funders and aid for the Belhar Centre. Once again, all thanks to the grattitude of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

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