40.000 Rand Fund from Students4Sustainability

This morning, we were very pleased to hand over a check of 40.000 Rand (about 2.500 euro) to the Belhar Early Childhood Development Centre. The check was sponsored by The foundation Students4Sustainability (S4S). As you can see in the picture above, this money is very important for the Belhar Centre: everyone is super happy!

About S4S
S4S is a student organisation that supports innovative technologies from TU Delft students, for the purpose of making the world more sustainable: “S4S can offer these students the chance to realize their ideas on a global scale in the form of a development project. On the one hand by offering them financial support, on the other hand by sharing experience and knowledge. This way, the growing gap between Western countries and developing countries can be overcome.” For more info, visit their website: https://www.students4sustainability.nl/en.

The goal of the investment
This cheque is a real game-changer for the Belhar Centre. The money will be invested in the expansion of the Aquaponics System, providing new grow beds (see our mission) so that the Belhar Centre can start making a profit.

Next week, we will buy grow beds and seedlings. These activities will be posted on this website as well, so keep an eye out for that!

Many thanks to everyone involved, and in particular Students For Sustainability!

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